Saturday, 21 April 2012

S is for Small claims track!

In the UK, we have three tracks available to deal with cases. These are:

  • Small claims track
  • Fast track
  • Multi track
The small claims track is for claims which do not exceed £5000. This type is more informal, and you can represent yourself as paying for legal advice/representation is not always covered even if you win the case. When deciding where to allocate the claim, the judge will consider:
  1. that the amount in dispute does not exceed £5000
  2. the case does not involve a lot of witnesses or difficult points of law 
You can still use the small claims court if it exceeds £5000, however both parties must agree and the court must be asked to allow it. 

Fast track claims are for claims over £5000, and up to £15,000. This is usually used where the value in question is high, but the legal points are not complicated. Representation is usually advised in these proceedings, and it is more formal than small claims.

Multi-track claims are for claims exceeding £15,000. This track is for the more complicated cases and will likely take the longest to resolve.

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