Wednesday, 25 April 2012

V is for Vandalism

Got my stuff from the direct gov website again. I think vandalism would more likely come under Criminal Damage in my text books, so I may have sort of cheated a tad here, but alas, there was a lack of V's to choose from! Actually, since looking at statistics I have noticed that Vandalism and Criminal Damage are considered separate - I shall have to look into that!

So, we all know what vandalism is. It can take many forms; graffiti, smashing windows, dumping rubbish, starting fires, and doing general damage to things like buildings, or cars. It is deliberate, and usually done for no good reason. It can sometimes cost millions of pounds to repair, and as such it damages people's quality of life.

It is the kind of crime which makes you feel unsafe, even if you might be in a very safe area. The tax payers are usually the people who have to pay for the remedying of vandalism - through higher taxes and insurance premiums.

Normally, if you witness vandalism occurring, you should report it to the police. If you've noticed something has been damaged, call the council.

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