Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Visit from my sister!

I went up steep hill in Lincoln (commonly known as the hill of death) earlier to meet my sister who is staying with me for a few days. For anyone who hasn't been to Lincoln, steep hill is, as its name suggests, incredibly steep. I thought this picture might be quite suitable in describing it, for anyone who is a geek and a Lord of the Rings lover like me.

I originally found one on facebook referring to 'Steep Hill' in Lincoln, and not just 'a' steep hill, however this proved difficult in finding and so the current one will have to suffice!

So I had to meet her, help her carry her stuff back down this steep hill, and in return she has dyed my hair, so all is not lost. We made an AMAZING spaghetti bolognese which was ACE and had carrots in it (odd, I know, but its the way we like it!).

I bought the new limited edition of SSX last week, which arrived on Friday; however I was unable to test it as I live in a block of flats (student accomodation) and the damn office had shut by the time I got back so I couldn't get my post. Pain in the butt, since I had planned to go on it over the weekend, so I went and picked that up today, and have played it, and I will admit that the game is excellent HOWEVER I was gutted when I found out it doesn't have a local 2 player mode. Its one and only failure in my eyes, as I have bought all of the previous SSX games (On Tour in my opinion was the worst) and not having local multiplayer is an OUTRAGE. From what I've played so far though, the quality of the game is generally good and enjoyable, however it took some getting used to with regards to the control system (as I used to play the others on PS2 and now I have an Xbox). Also, it redeemed itself slightly in that you can link up with your friends online which I think I will thoroughly enjoy. Overall, from my limited experience so far, its a good game, and I think I'll be able to put quite a few hours into it!

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